Demystifying Rhinoplasty facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a surgical or sometimes non-invasive medical procedure that seeks to help the client achieve a certain predetermined look. It is a professional medically sanctioned procedure carried out and regulated by medical practitioners and boards around the world.

It is not a procedure merely for the super-rich. In fact, facial plastic surgery conducted by Dr. Azizzadeh at his Los Angeles Centre for advanced facial rhinoplasty plastic surgery involves all kinds of patients from those who seek aesthetic surgery to burns and other face altering circumstances including growths and tumours and pre-existing conditions like Bell’s palsy.Facial Plastic surgery is a much needed medical recommendation for people who end up with burns, growths and facial features that make it hard for them to conduct their lives normally.

Plastic surgery is not a modern invention, it has been around for over 100 years with the earliest facial plastic surgeries being attributed to Jacques Joseph in the 1890s. He was later joined by John Conley and John Roe who improved upon his earliest ideas and innovations in facial surgery.


Since then the procedures involved have been used widely including saving the lives of countless soldiers and victims of war globally. The facial plastic surgery industry is set to grow to $3billion by 2022. The process has definitely improved from its primitive beginnings in the 1800 with the advancement in technology and clinical research development. The facial procedure usually combines a multiple procedure to reduce on healing time and achieve a more balanced look at the first operation. A doctor who decides to perform a facelift might as well do an eyelid surgery, a neck lift and blepharoplasty to ensure his work is proportional across the facial feature of the client and to reduce the need for future operations.

The main aspect of facial plastic surgery are Facial Rejuvenation, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Non-Surgical and Facial Reconstruction. The medic in this field are also known as otolaryngologist. This field has seen a tremendous growth in recent years with the development of healthcare infrastructure that enables doctors to increase the level and nature of care and surgery offered to their clients.

The procedures are also readily available some of which can be offered at an ambulatory clinic with local anaesthesia without the need for complex medical specialists and procedures to be conducted. Though the future of the industry lies not so much in the technological inventions but in the emerging needs and the desires of the clientele.